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Ted Duckworth Makes Plans to Renovate Old Library, Skating Rink

By: ELIZABETH ORTEGA - Sun Staff Writer

JACKSON DEVELOPER Ted Duckworth is involved in a number of projects, including the renovations on the old library building downtown and a building on Lakeland Drive.

Duckworth recently completed the conversion of the electric building downtown into a mixed-use building containing apartments, office and restaurant space.

The top two floors of the building house the 15 apartment units, ranging in price from $1,000 to $1,500 a month, said Duckworth.

Two one-bedroom apartments have recently become available. Those interested in renting should call Duckworth Realty at 914-0800. Apartments in the building have been available since November, and construction on the building began in August of 2004.

Duckworth purchased the building from Entergy, then re-leased half of the space back to them for use as office buildings

Right now, work is ongoing to get a tenant in the restaurant space. "We hope to have somebody in the by October, " Duckworth said.

ANOTHER PROJECT he is working on involves the old downtown library location. Duckworth recently signed an agreement with the city to purchase the building with a plan to renovate it and turn it into an office building. "It will be a historic renovation as well," he said "We're working with the Department of Archives and History to restore it to its original architecture."

Currently work is being done on the design, pricing and lining up tenants. Work is expected to begin in August of 2006.

The old Lakeland Skating Center will be the site of the new Layfair Place, a class A office building. The $2 million project will renovate the existing building, turning it int 25,000 square feet of space, said Duckworth. Construction on the project will begin the week of June 12.

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