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Action in Jackson - Private Clubs and The Resort Lifestyle

Ted Duckworth loves being involved in one of the country's hottest real-estate trends - the revitalization of a downtown area. Not only does it make for good business its also good for his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. And it doesn't hurt that it brings a bit of fame his way. As President and CEO of Duckworth Realty, a full-service brokerage and commercial leasing and management firm, Duckworth has been involved in the "rebirth" of a number of historic and landmark downtown buildings, including the company's latest, the restoration of the 1927 Electric Building. "It seems like no matter where I go, people have heard about this project and say something supportive to me about it." Says the University Club of Jackson member. Revitalization projects go from being just real-estate deals to having the added benefit of economic development, he says, and enabling people to look at downtown in a different way. The $17 million restoration is the first mixed-use project in downtown Jackson, Duckworth says, and has spawned plans for future mixed-use ventures in the area. "People were on the sidelines waiting to see it we could pull it off," he says mixed-use definitely seems to be what everything is moving towards."

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